The Vanity of the Minimum Wage

The Vanity of the Minimum Wage

The recent popularity for governments at various levels to increase the minimum wage is overwhelming evidence of the immense economic ignorance that plagues our country. Not only that, such policies actually oppress the poor among us and ought, on that basis alone, to motivate Christians to vocally oppose such measures. Regrettably, we often find Christians actively supporting such rules. In doing so they falsely believe that their efforts to impose these regulations are charitable.

This needs some explanation of course. But, if we understand…

The Minimum Wage:  An Island Tale

The Minimum Wage: An Island Tale

Consider three individuals who are living on an island. Imaginatively, let’s call them Gus, Carl, and Hillary. Now, through a lot of risky hard work climbing trees and picking fruit, Gus has accumulated quite a stash of coconuts. However, since Gus has been busy...