Book Excerpts

Would you like to see a PDF excerpt of any of our books? We are working to post the Table of Contents and sample text from each book. These are PDFs of copyrighted material, so if you would like to post them on your site, please contact us for permission. Click the links below to view the PDF:

A Basic American History of the United States

Volume 1: The Colonial Experience, 1607-1774  PDF
Volume 2: The Beginning of the Republic, 1775-1825 PDF
Volume 3: The Sections and the Civil War, 1826-1877 PDF
Volume 4: The Growth of America, 1878-1928 PDF
Volume 5: The Welfare State, 1929-1985 PDF
Volume 6: America: From Gridlock to Deadlock, 1985-2001 PDF
Teacher’s Guide PDF

Basic Economics, 3rd Ed. PDF


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